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Barbara Rogers Nature Inspired Art Photography

Barbara Rogers

Nature Inspired Art Photography


From flowers, grasses and trees to butterflies and bees, the beauty of Nature is all around us!

Working in the visual communications industry as a graphic designer, I believe it was a natural progression that I would gravitate towards some form of photography.

Inspired by Nature, and with a new camera and art photography lens in tow, I began to embark on a journey documenting the local colors of changing trees and close-ups of wildflowers and blooming cactus along hiking trails, rose gardens, botanic gardens and more.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I've had the opportunity to reside in beautiful places in the southwest such as Santa Fe, NM and within Colorado. These photos capture colorful moments in time.

It’s a path that continues to unfold as the bounty Nature continues to visually stimulate the senses!


Colorado Wildflowers

Southwest Cactus Flowers

Flower and Nature Art Photography

Colorful Spring Tulips

Bees and Butterflies

Summer Garden Flowers

Roses Close Up

Morning Glory Flowers

Colorful Fall Wildflowers

Ornamental Tall Grasses

Grapes Photo Imagery

Christmas Cactus & White Lilies

Winter's Frosty Freeze

Winter Scenes Art Photography

Fall Colors Art Photography

Dried Flowers and Trees